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The 4th PEACE Ocean Science Workshop

17-19 of September, 2008
Vladivostok, Russia


17.09.2008 (Wed)

9:10 Registration
9:40 Opening

  • welcome speech by Prof. Victor A. Akulichev, Academician of Russian Academy of Sciences, Director of POI
  • welcome speech by Prof. Takeshi Matsuno, PEACE Chairman, Kyushu University
  • information from local organizing committee by Dr. Vyacheslav B. Lobanov

Session 1. Climate changes and variability of the Asian Marginal Seas

Chairman: Dr. Jae Hak Lee

1. 10:00-10:20. Ahn Joong-Bae (Pusan National University) The assessment of predictability of North Pacific sea temperature using a CGCM Download (6.5 MB)
2. 10:20-10:40. Shatilina Tatiana Aleksandrovna (Pacific Fisheries Research Center (TINRO-Centre) Variability of the summer monsoon in the Far East during large-scale warming period Download (0.5 MB)
3. 10:40-11:00. Trusenkova Olga Olegovna (POI FEB RAS) Patterns of temperature anomalies at the Japan Sea surface, simulated under the different kinds of wind forcing Download (3.1 MB)
4. 11:00-11:20. Kaplunenko Dmitry Dmitrievich (POI FEB RAS) SSSH variability in the northern Japan/East Sea studied from satellite observations Download RAR(15.3 MB)

11:20-11:40 coffee break

Chairman: prof. K. Ichikawa

5. 11:40-12:00. Cui Yanlin (Kyushu University) Interdecadal oscillation of the Japan Sea Proper Water related to the Arctic Oscillation Download (1.2 MB)
6. 12:00-12:20. Ponomarev Vladimir Ivanovich (POI FEB RAS) Variability in the Japan/East Sea on the intra-annual and interannual time scales
7. 12:20-12:40. Shevchenko George (IMGG FEB RAS)S easonal changes in the East Sakhalin Current estimated from CTD data Download (0.9 MB)
8. 12:40-13:00. Fayman Pavel Arkadievich (Kyushu University) The numerical simulation of seasonal variability of sea water circulation in the Okhotsk Sea Download (1.4 MB)

13:00-14:00 lunch break

Chairman: Dr. G.V. Shevchenko

9. 14:00-14:20. Zhabin Igor Anatolievich (POI FEB RAS) Impact of the Amur River discharge on the shelf regions of the Okhotsk and Japan Sea Download (2.5 MB)
10. 14:20-14:40. Rudykh Natalia Ivanovna(POI FEB RAS) Relationship between Amur River runoff and surface salinity in the Tatar Strait Download (1.1 MB)
11. 14:40-15:00. Navrotsky Vadim Vasilievich (POI FEB RAS) Observations and modeling of internal waves in the shelf zone of the sea Download (3.8 MB)
12. 15:00-15:20. Liapidevskii Valery Yurievich (Institute of Hydro-dynamics SB RAS) Mass and momentum transfer by breaking internal and surface waves in coastal zones Download (2.7 MB)

15:20-15:40 coffee break

Session 2. Observation technologies for cooperative experiments in the Asian Marginal Seas

Chairman: Dr. Vyacheslav Lobanov

13. 15:40-16:00. Gurvich Irina Aleksandrovna (POI FEB RAS) Satellite investigations of polar lows over the Japan Sea Download (4.9 MB)
14. 16:00-16:20. Mitnik Leonid Moiseevich (POI FEB RAS) Satellite SAR supporting of experiments in the East Asian Seas Download (3.9 MB)
15. 16:20-16:40. Dolgikh Stanislav Grigorievich (POI FEB RAS) Deformation method of tsunami monitoring Download (0.9 MB)
16. 16:40-17:00. Maksimov Alexey Olegovich (POI FEB RAS) The Acoustic Manifestations of Marine Hydrocarbon Seeps Download (0.7 MB)

17:00 excursion around V.I.Ilichev Pacific Oceanological Institute
18:00-20:00 reception at POI

18.09.2008 (Thu)

Session 3. Establishment of Co-operative Sea Understanding of Physics and Biology of the East China Sea

Chairman: Prof. Takeshi Matsuno

17. 10:00-10:20. Fukudome Kenichi (RIAM, Kyushu Univ.) Present situation and prospect of a ferry based monitoring in East Asian marginal seas
18. 10:20-10:40. Han In-Seong (NFRDI) Long-term Change of Temperature in relation to climate-induced conditions in the Korean Waters
19. 10:40-11:00. Senju Tomoharu (Kyushu University) Interdecadal variations of temperature and salinity structures in the Tsushima Strait
20. 11:00-11:20. Ishizaka Joji (Nagasaki University) Long term change of primary production in the Yellow Sea and East China Sea

11:20-11:40 coffee break

Chairman: Prof. Tomoharu Senjyu

21. 11:40-12:00. Ichikawa Kaoru (RIAM, Kyushu Univ.) Variations of Taiwan Warm Current as seen by along-track altimetry and surface drifter data
22. 12:00-12:20. Darnitskiy Vladimir Borisovich (TINRO-Centre) The Bifurcational Dynamics Of The Kuroshio In East China Sea And To The South From Japan On Oceanographic And Space Supervision
23. 12:20-12:40. Lee Jae Hak (KORDI) The upper ocean response to the typhoon passage in the East China Sea
24. 12:40-13:00. Sun Che (Institute of Oceanology, CAS) Cross-shelf Exchange of the Subsurface Kuroshio Water in the East China Sea

13:00-14:00 lunch break

Chairman: Dr. Che Sun

25. 14:00-14:20. Matsuno Takeshi (Kyushu University) Contribution of subsurface water to the salinity increase and primary production in the Changjiang Diluted Water
26. 14:20-14:40. Zhang Jing (Toyama Univ.) Shelf Water Mass Characterization and Nutrient Fluxes into the East China Sea by Rare Earth Element and Other Geochemical Tracers
27. 14:40-15:00. Choi Hyo (Kangnung National University) Fog formation affected by synoptic scale wind and sea surface temperature distribution in the western coastal seas of Korea
28. 15:00-15:20. Chen Jian (The 3rd Institute of Oceanography SOA) Morphology Evolution And Suspended Matter Hydrodynamic Process Of Min River Estuary, China
29. 15:20-15:40. Nabiullin Ahat Ashadovich (POI FEB RAS) Dynamics and Impact of Oceanographic Research in the East Asia: A Bibliometric Study of Co-operation

15:40-16:00 coffee break

16:00-17:30 Poster session (cheese and wine party)

19.09.2008 (Fri)

Session 4. Marine ecosystem dynamics, ecology and biotechnology

Chairman: Dr. Leonid Mitnik

30. 10:00-10:20. Ustinova Elena Ivanovna(TINRO-Centre) Regional thermal conditions in the far-eastern seas and large-scale climatic variability
31. 10:20-10:40. Oh Im Sang (Seoul National University) Seasonal variation of modeled Liman Cold Current off the Primorye coast
32. 10:40-11:00. Zakharkov Sergey Petrovich (POI FEB RAS) Spatial And Temporal Distribution Of Primary Production In The Sea Of Japan
33. 11:00-11:20. Zuenko Yury Ivanovich (TINRO-Centre) Estimation and forecasting of climate change influence on zooplankton in the Japan/East Sea

11:30-12:00 general discussion and closing
12:00-13:00 - lunch
13:00- bus excursion around Vladivostok

Poster Session

No. Name Country         Report Title Affiliation
1. Chupin Vladimir Aleksandrovich Russia Hydrosphere - Lithospheric Interaction In Infrasonic And Sound Ranges POI FEB RAS
2. Danchenkov Mikhail Alekseevich Russia Russian Research Vessels Far Eastern Regional Hydrometeorological Research Institute
3. Darkin Denis Valerievich Russia Regional Algorithm For Retrieval Of Sea Ice Parameters On The Basis Of Microwave Measurements By Aqua Satellite POI FEB RAS
4. Dolmatova Larisa Russia To biology of holothurians: some comparative characteristics of apostichopus japonicus and eupentacta fraudatrix POI FEB RAS
5. Dyakov Boris Stepanovich Russia The Features Of Water Circulation In The Nort Sea Of Japan Pasific Research Center (TINRO-Centre)
6. Ermolitskaya Marina Zakharovna Russia The Analysis Of Pollution Of Amur Bay Waters By BOD Total And Suspended Matters Institute of marine technologies problems FEBRAS
7. Fayman Pavel Arkadievich Russia Mesoscale Variability Over Continental Slope And Shelf In The Northwest Japan/East Sea Kyushu University
8. Gayko Larisa Afanasievna Russia Influence of the climate change to forecast of mollusks on marine farms in the Primorye (Sea of Japan) POI FEB RAS
9. Gayko Larisa Afanasievna Russia Variability of the water and air temperature along the coast of Primorye (Sea of Japan) POI FEB RAS
10. Gordeychuk Tatyana Viktorovna Russia A Quest To Improve Sonoluminescence Method For The Determination Of Ions In Liquids POI FEB RAS
11. Ladychenko Svetlana Yurievna Russia Cross-Shelf Water Exchange Off Peter The Great Bay, Northwestern Japan Sea POI FEB RAS
12. Leskova Olga Alekseevna Russia The results of anthropogenic influence on marine ecosystems on an example of the Peter the Great Bay of the Japan Sea Institute of Marine Technology Problems FEB RAS
13. Melnichenko Yury Ivanovich Russia Co-evolution (sustainability) of geospheres in relief-forming of south-west Pryokhotye gulfs POI FEB RAS
14. Mitnik Leonid Moiseevich Russia Current state and outlooks of passive microwave sensing of the ocean-atmosphere system POI FEB RAS
15. Moroz Valentina Vasilievna Russia Oceanological Zonning Of The Ryukyu Straits And The Adjacent Areas Of The East China Sea And Philippine Sea. POI FEB RAS
16. Nikitin Aleksander Afansievich Russia To Question About Surface Circulation And Geographical Sharing The Eddies In Japan/East Sea Pacific Fisheries Research Centre (TINRO-Centre)
17. Ovcharenko V.V Russia Dynamic and transformation of infragravity and wind waves POI FEB RAS
18. Pavlova Elena Petrovna Russia Bottom turbulence of breaking internal waves in a coastal zone of the Sea of Japan POI FEB RAS
19. Pavlova Elena Petrovna Russia Variability Of Internal Waves In The Shelf Zone Of Seas Of Pacific Ocean POI FEB RAS
20. Plotnikov Vladimir Victorovich Russia Statistical (Analog) Model For Prediction Of Ice Edge And Heavy Ice Boundary In The East Shelf Offshore Sakhalin POI FEB RAS
21. Plotnikov Vladimir Victorovich Russia Winter Navigation In The Sea Of Japan POI FEB RAS
22. Polyakova Antonina Markovna Russia Especially Dangerous Wave Height In The Northern Pacific POI FEB RAS
23. Polyakova Antonina Markovna Russia The Atmospheric Activity Over The Northern Pacific. POI FEB RAS
24. Ponomarev Vladimir Ivanovich Russia Seasonality And Linkages Of Climate Variations In The Japan (East) Sea And Adjacent Area POI FEB RAS
25. Shkorba Svetlana Pavlovna Russia Modelling Of The Ice Cover Evolution In The Sea Of Japan POI FEB RAS
26. Simonenko Sergey Victorovich Russia Universal energy spectrum of small-scale turbulence during run-up and breaking of internal waves in a shelf zone of the Sea of Japan POI FEB RAS
27. Vakulskaya Nadezda Mikhailovna Russia Ice Cover Evolution Of The Bering Sea POI FEB RAS
28. Vilyanskaya Elena Aleksandrovna Russia Water Temperature Changes In Nearshore Zone Of Aniva Bay From Mooring Observations. POI FEB RAS
29. Vlasova G.A. and Rostov V.I. Russia Effect of atmospheric processes on the homogeneous layer in the Far Eastern Seas POI FEB RAS